Judge Saves Abortion in Mississippi
July 14, 2012
Mississippi Burning, Part II. (see link below for Part I) Surprisingly, the Judge floats from one legal precedent to another to justify an indefinite delay in enforcing a law which requires physicians who work in the women's reproductive health specialty to actually be experts in that field, and to have hospital admitting privileges in the event the "safe, legal and rare" procedure results in complications.

Will Mississippi Become an Abortion-Free State?
July 7, 2012
Analysis of a GOP-appointed Federal Judge's politically motivated temporary restraining order against a law designed to make abortion safer. Coming just days after the Roberts Rhubarb, this ruling is another example of Judges Gone Wild. Without the wet t-shirts.

Why is the Ground Hallowed?
May 28, 2012
Perspective on Memorial Day and its historical roots.

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