Friday, August 3, 2012

Today's News Highlights

In a nutshell, why a capitalistic free market system is best (from Milton Friedman, the Einstein of economics)

According to the National Defense Committee, the number one reason our military feels their votes aren't counted is the lack of time to vote. Here is B. Hussein & the Democrats' response to that problem in Ohio (coincidentally, a swing state)
Obama & Dems sue to curtail military voting rights

Live! Typical liberal's head explodes on camera! Figuratively speaking, of course. The video of a typical liberal's actions--berating a young lady while ordering "free" water at a Chick-Fil-A--went viral, and as a result of his mature actions, he was fired. Notice in the video the reaction of the young victim of his tirade.
Liberal manners vs. normal person

And the thinking person (conservative) response....
Does Chick-Fil-A laser gay people?

Billionaire and former B. Hussein supporter learns how to read and do math

Whatever you do, don't call 800-TRYLITTLEC! And then don't go to!

The liberals' ChickFilA Derangement Syndrome illustrates the operation of Obamacare